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We, At BM Pros, with the help of proficient and smart workforces, are proud to provide the efficient and swift commercial cleaning services in Edmonton. Keeping the commercial or domestic premise clean could be a challenging task at times, as a result, the need for brisk office cleaning services in Edmonton, becomes necessary. Hence, we would love to extend our rapid assistance, at the first instance on your call. Moreover, our Janitorial services in Edmonton, are second to none. Thus you can always count on our best-in-class experienced and dedicated executives.

With the latest technical equipment and the extensive sweeping plan, we are sure to provide an impeccable service to our clients. We believe in complete transparency, with an affordable price range that also, falls in line with our set SLAs.

Thus, you can be assured that by hiring us, you would actually be going into a regular cleaning contract for your office which will entitle your office premises to a monthly or quarterly inspection and cleaning program.

To give a smooth cleaning touch to your floor or premises, our entire process is powered by high-end equipment, so that, we can render the best post construction cleaning services in Edmonton. Our strength is our competent workforce, who would go an extra step to ensure every last piece of dirt is removed to make your office premises neat and clean.

Join hand with us and experience the best all-around commercial cleaning services in Edmonton at an astonishing price range. Our primary motive is to make your working place cleaner work and living environment for our patrons.

Our Services

We have made a name for ourselves by understanding and paying attention to the demands of our clientele who have a wide variety of needs, and by means of our integrated services, our cleaning and building maintenance company is able to deploy professional service delivery. Whatever your building maintenance needs, We can tailor a service plan just for you.

Here are some of our main services and the details of them.

Post construction cleaning services Edmonton:

Finishing up with the construction part does not literally mean completion of the whole process. Post construction cleaning is the most primary concern that comes in the way of almost every owner. Hence, bringing comprehensive relief to the situation, our post construction cleaning services in Edmonton by BM Pros is the one-stop solution for all your cleaning management.

 Commercial Cleaning Services Edmonton:

 Bringing the next level of cleaning aid for your commercial premises, BM Pros Inc is all set to provide the most detailed commercial cleaning services in Edmonton. Commercial places are mostly exposed to the dirt or mold, so, cleaning the mess should be your primary concern to make your workstation look clean and tidy. Experience the reliable and professional workforce from our house and take your glory to an upper grade.

Office Cleaning services Edmonton:

By keeping your working place clean brings not only the hygiene but also brings a considerable amount of positive encouragement. That, in turn, increases the productivity level between your working teams. To meet that expectation, BM Pros Inc. is extending the office cleaning service in Edmonton. We understand your requirement and work through the way to match your desired service satisfaction. Call for our service and enjoy the difference in your office.

Janitorial Services in Edmonton:

Rest your search for a Janitorial Service in Edmonton with BM Pros Inc. exclusive reliable and dedicates team of workers. We trained our executives to provide you with the best cleaning solutions for your commercial as well as residential purpose. Therefore, enhance your cleaning requirement and avail the support of the finest cleanup team, who would not hesitate to go an extra step to make your premises neat and clean.



Our Works


Fort McMurray After Fires Clean up Operation 2016

In the early summer of 2016 the city of Fort MacMurray was engulfed by the biggest wild fire in a century that burnt down half the town that scotched and smoked the whole city. BMP was contracted to participate in the after fires clean up operation. We cleaned 16 000 apartment units and 50 businesses including hotels, restaurants, super markets, bars, etc.

The cleaning ran for three weeks with a crew of 90 that we recruited and organised within a short notice from the neighbouring city of Edmonton.


Aurora Canabis Green house construction clean up 2018

The Aurora Canabis Green house after construction clean up is the major 2018 project. The green houses are 35 000 square foot each bay times 70 bays. This is a clinically specialised cleaning to create a healthy environment for marijuana to grow without contaminants. We are running a 20 crew daily for four months.


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