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At BM Pros, we offer the best commercial cleaning services in Edmonton. If you think that your commercial or domestic premise is dirty and needs the best office cleaning in Edmonton, then we would be more than happy to assist you. Our Janitorial services are unmatched in Edmonton; you can always trust our world class working staff who have experience, dedication and the machinery to offer impeccable services to its clients.
Our services are affordable, reliable and fall in line with the set SLAs. Thus, you can be rest assured that by hiring us, you would actually be going into a regular cleaning contract for your office which will entitle your office premises to a monthly or quarterly inspection and cleaning program.
We use high end machinery to render the best cleaning services in Edmonton. We have the support of a competent workforce who would go to any length to work towards the cleanliness of your office premises. Let us give you the best cleaning services in Edmonton at affordable rates. We are committed towards a cleaner work and living environment for our patrons.

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We have made a name for ourselves by understanding and paying attention to the demands of our clientele who have a wide variety of needs, and by means of our integrated services, our cleaning and building maintenance company is able to deploy professional service delivery.

Whatever your building maintenance needs, We can tailor a service plan just for you.



Our Works


Fort McMurray After Fires Clean up Operation 2016

In the early summer of 2016 the city of Fort MacMurray was engulfed by the biggest wild fire in a century that burnt down half the town that scotched and smoked the whole city. BMP was contracted to participate in the after fires clean up operation. We cleaned 16 000 apartment units and 50 businesses including hotels, restaurants, super markets, bars, etc.

The cleaning ran for three weeks with a crew of 90 that we recruited and organised within a short notice from the neighbouring city of Edmonton.


Aurora Canabis Green house construction clean up 2018

The Aurora Canabis Green house after construction clean up is the major 2018 project. The green houses are 35 000 square foot each bay times 70 bays. This is a clinically specialised cleaning to create a healthy environment for marijuana to grow without contaminants. We are running a 20 crew daily for four months.


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Our company, created and managed by industry experts, strives to offer the highest quality and most reliable service available.

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