Industrial Overview

Our safety programs have met the rigorous health, safety and procurement standards necessary to operate with excellence. Our policies, procedures and practices have been reviewed and approved by outside parties to ensure that we operate with both excellence and safety.

Our cleaning expertise in heavy industry is primarily rooted in our long term relationships working in the heavy oil/gas industries and manufacturers. Our service support model for our heavy industry customers includes:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment of your site(s), to determine the cleaning, maintenance and preventive maintenance needs
  • Developing the most cost-effective program without compromising quality and safety
  • Managing your cleaning and waste management needs in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards
  • Delivering a cleaning crew trained to handle all applicable products and equipment and work within any industrial setting
  • Working with your OH&S teams to ensure integration with your safety and emergency response protocols
  • Conducting scheduled, frequent quality inspections
  • Applying the latest technology, products and standards of practice to your cleaning and maintenance program

 Manufacturing Plants

Industrial maintenance and cleaning of manufacturing plants are essential. Due to the strict standards and guidelines set out for sanitation and cleanliness, these plants must undergo consistent disinfection and sanitation procedures, and take appropriate measures for pest and bacteria control. As a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of industrial cleaning for several decades, We have able developed proficiency in cleaning and maintaining food manufacturing plants.

Interior and Exterior Pressure Washing

Power washing is a quick and thorough way to clean the exterior and interior of your facility, we clean storefronts, sidewalks, entranceways, garbage bin areas and industrial plants. Our truck mounted equipment provides services as seamless and non-invasive as possible. The pressure washing units have a self-contained water supply and heaters to allow for autonomous operation. The latest technology in acoustic control is being used to limit noise impact.


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